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How & Where to Begin


By simply following the steps below, you could very soon be a part of a group of students, studying Karate, Kenpo and Self-defense.

1. Call for Information

Call for information - (414) 719-6688 or email Sensei Eugene (use the link below)

Whether you're a beginner or blackbelt, you probably have questions about our Karate traditions, its benefits, and what to expect at our school.

Our instructors are here to help you with answers.


2. Visit the Dojo (Club)

Joining a Karate school is an important decision. Come in and get a feel for the quality of our instructors and students, and for our family-friendly atmosphere.

Our dojo has members from ages 3 to 73!


3. Take FREE Trial Lessons

Put on some comfortable clothes and jump in! Get a first-hand look at our traditional Karate curriculum. (BTW, we will give you the first month FREE, just so you can be sure this is the right fit for you. No Commitment, No contracts, ONE MONTH FREE)



4. Enroll in the Kaizen Gojukan Dojo (Club)

When you're ready, ask to join as a member and Sensei will put you in the program that best fits your personal goals, or your children's needs.

For More

For more information, please follow the links below:


But, just to answer some of your questions right now:


The Kaizen Gojukan is currently meeting and training at the Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School. (10900 West Mill Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225) Map & Directions


Annual Affiliation (Includes Club, and International Membership): $40
Monthly Fees: $40/$45*
Testing Fees (Includes Belt, Certificate and Admin Fees): $40*
Uniform: $30** (Roughly)

[* These are rough guidelines as there are various discounts and scholarship available - See the FEES menu option for more detailed information // ** These too are rough guides as there are various qualties, sizes and whole-sale pricing to consider when buying a uniform. Please talk to sensei about this before buying your own]

A gi (karate uniform) is required for practice and can be purchased for about $30.  Orders for gis are placed by the club to get a group rate or members may purchase their own.  (A gi is NOT required as a brand new beginner--new members may practice in work out clothes.)