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Sensei Eugene in Hong Kong with Sensei Siegel Cheung

Sensei Eugene Kitney originally hails from South Africa, and this is where he gained most of his exposure to the Goju-Ryu style of Karate-Do. He ran two dojo in South Africa and assisted Leslie Barnett, Sensei as a Sempai in the Seiki Dojo in Durban. Eugene also served the South African and All African Karate-Do Goju-Kai as Webmaster of their official web site (the first officially sanctioned IKGA Web presence) until his relocation to the United States in 2000.

Eugene-sensei serves the Milwaukee community as a Pastor and member of the Clergy.

Holding the following rank:

  1. Goju-ryu Karate-do - Sandan (IKGA)
    1. Issued by authority of Goshi Yamaguchi, Saiko-Shihan
  2. Seiryū Kenpō - Hokai: Daikenshi & Bukai: Godan (ISKF)
    1. Issued by authority of Daihanshi Shigeru Tanaka, Kaicho

His personal instructors to which he owes a great deal of thanks and respect are:

  • Leslie Barnett*, Sensei (Durban, RSA)
  • Peter Brandon*, Hanshi Shihan (South Africa and All Africa Hombu Dojo - Cape Town, RSA)
  • Stan Holroyd, Sensei (Somerset West, RSA)
  • Ahmed Kanzadeh, Shihan* (ISKGA) (Clarksburg / Morgantown WV & Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Susan Kaplan, Shihan (Johannesburg, RSA)
  • Stanley Khoza, Shihan (Durban, RSA)
  • Ben Maré Shihan (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, RSA)
  • Ian McGarrity Shihan* (USA)
  • Logan Naidoo, Sensei (Durban, RSA)
  • Chris Niemand, Sensei (Pietermaritzburg, RSA)
  • Danie Roussouw Shihan* (Bloemfontein, RSA)
  • Willem "Tash" Staphorst, Sensei (Pietermaritzburg, RSA)
  • Johan van Niekerk, Shihan (Johannesburg, RSA)
  • Goshi Yamaguchi, Saiko Shihan*

* Received Yudansha Rank while under their instruction / Received rank from them

His Current Mentors & Support System:

  • Peter Brandon, Hanshi (Cape Rown, South Africa) - Instructor & Mentor
  • Ian McGarrity, Shihan (Florida, USA) - Mentor
  • Paul Starling, Shihan (Sydney, Australia) - Mentor
  • Michael Buttermark, Shihan (New Jersey, USA) - Mentor
  • Robert Bronisevsky, Sensei (New York, USA)