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Training virtues - Shuyo Kun

Shuyo Kun


The Kaizen Gojukan, as an affiliated dojo of the IKGA, upholds the IKGA's core values. The 5 Virtues, otherwise known as the "Shūyō kun" is often recited at the end of a karate lesson, to remind the student that they should have a strong humble character, both within the dojo, and away from it.

The form of the dojo kun can vary from style to style or dojo to dojo, but in general the sentiments and basic ideas involved agree in most respects. The usual procedure is for the senior student in the class to say one line which is them repeated by the whole class until the sequence is complete.

By seriously following the techniques inherent in these apparently simple precepts, the trainee can begin to make progress in the Way of the martial arts.

5 training virtues

A breakdown of the JKGA/IKGA Shūyō Kun

Japanese Version


《 修養訓 》

《 全日本空手道剛柔会 修養訓五箇条 》




Japanese Version (Romanji)

Zen Nihon Karate-dō Gōjū-kai Shūyō kun Go-kajō
Warera Karate-dou wo osamuru mono wa:
  1. Hitotsu - Gōjū no michi wo manabu wo motte hokori to subeshi.
  1. Hitotsu - Reigi wo tadashiku subeshi.
  1. Hitotsu – Shichijitsugōken wo mune to subeshi.
  1. Hitotsu - Danketsu gojo no seishin wo yashinaubeshi.
  1. Hitotsu - Nippon korai no dentōtaru shōbu no kifuu wo sonchō subeshi.



Approved English Translation

We the students of Goju Ryu, do aspire to these virtues:

  1. We are proud to study the way of Goju
  1. We are courteous in manners
  1. We strive to develop courage and fighting spirit
  1. We cultivate fellowship and understanding
  1. We respect the ideals of loyalty and honor, traditional from olden times in Japan.